Grow your fashion & textile skills. Apply for a grant with CapitB.

Whether you want to complete a training programme, nurture future talent or upgrade your employees’ skills, CapitB can help. The trust supports the UK fashion & textile sector by helping individuals, businesses and organisations access training grants. We accept applications all year round.

Who we are

CapitB Trust is a charity that provides financial support for training and development initiatives across the UK fashion and Textile sector – a full list of the sector we can support is below.

Our Trustees are all industry specialists and welcome applications that demonstrate how the funding will be used to enhance skills and capability within the sector. We accept applications for grants from individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Are you planning to embark on a training programme to improve your or your workforce’s skill level? CapitB could provide financial support to help you deliver it. Whether you need help kick starting an initiative or acquiring new skills, we may be able to support.

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What we do

The Trustees assess whether each application meets our funding criteria. Businesses have already benefited from the Trust’s grants, including Richard Anderson, Henry Poole & Co, H Huntsman & Sons, The Tailoring Academy, Hawick Knitwear, and Samuel Brothers.

On top of its own funding activities, CapitB also works in partnership with other like-minded bodies such as the Textile Centre of Excellence and the UK Fashion & Textile Association. We also support industry initiatives that showcase skilled individuals and new talents, including the Golden Shears Awards.

We might be able to help you with your fashion and textile training needs.

Who can apply

We support the development of skills in the sector through financial assistance to individuals, employers, sector and other organisations. We welcome applications all year round.

Individuals wishing to complete a training programme that will equip them with skills required to enter and progress within the industry can apply for a CapitB grant. An employer capable and willing to provide the training must be identified.

Individuals already employed within the industry and wishing to acquire additional skills that will advance their careers within the UK fashion and textile sector can also apply. A capable and willing training provider must be identified.

Employers wanting to enrol their employees onto a training programme can apply for a grant through CapitB. This includes Companies within the British fashion and textile industry needing financial assistance to provide a training programme to further their employees’ skills.

Organisations intending to run competitions that promote the development of skills needed within the UK fashion and textile industry can apply for a grant through CapitB. Awarding Bodies supporting skills development where combined funding proves to have a positive impact on the industry.

Further Education institutions and promotional activity organisations looking to provide training programs to meet the needs of industry.

Supported activities

CapitB can support a wide range of activities through funding. Discover below what the trust does and does not cover.

  • Manufacture of woven and knitted garments 
  • Accessories (excluding jewellery) and millinery 
  • Surface enhancement of garments (pleating, embroidery etc)
  • Interiors and home textiles
  • Yarn production (including extrusion, twisting and spinning)
  • Weaving (including 3D weaving)
  • Knitting (including 3D knitting)
  • Dyeing
  • Printing
  • Textile finishing and processing (including combing, scouring, warping, waxing, bonding etc)
  • Leather production and the manufacture of sewn leather products
  • The manufacture of technical textiles and composites
  • The running costs of voluntary bodies or the continuing provision of a service, however worthwhile.
  • Grants for capital or building costs. Grants for equipment are allowed when they are part of a project that is otherwise acceptable. We do not make grants solely for purchase of equipment (including computers).
  • Projects that could be considered by a government department, a Research Council, or a more appropriate charity.
  • Grants to attend conferences or seminars.
  • Grants to produce websites or related internet-based projects, films, videos, or for exhibitions.
  • Provide individuals with help towards school fees, a university course, or a gap year project.
  • Respond to requests for financial help from or on behalf of individuals in distress.

Success Stories

Elizabeth Cooper
The Tailoring Academy

Full time seamstress Elizabeth Cooper chose CapitB to help her fund a course at the Tailoring Academy. She said: “I am so grateful for all the tutors at the Tailoring Academy, and for the CAPITB Trust for helping fund my

Cockpit Art
Fashion-Forward Programme

Cockpit Arts, London’s leading studios for contemporary makers, contacted CapitB for support with the delivery of workshops. The fund enabled them to launch a 12-month fashion-forward programme to help craftspeople develop their skillset.

Atelier Tammam
Training in Couture Corsetry

Lucy, from Atelier Tammam, reached out to CapitB to help fund seamstress Michela Fulgoni’s training in couture corsetry. Lucy said that thanks to this training,
she was able to: “give her work on corset samples
for our upcoming collection.”